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Hello world!


I am elated!

My Blog is finally rolling after several glitches and around 2 weeks of trial and error installing WordPress. Anyway, that’s where the fun and sense of achievement is.

WordPress can actually be installed in 30 mins or less if you know how depending on how fast you can FTP your files to the web server. I got this feeling that I might need to recall the procedure once again in the near future. Here I would like to document some of the difficulties I encountered and how they are resolved.

First of all, here are the steps to set up WordPress:
Step 1: Get a Domain name
Step 2: Get a Host
Step 3: Download WordPress & unzip it into your PC
Step 4: Set up your WordPress database, MySQL, through the host account
Step 5: Configure the wp-config.php file
Step 6: FTP the entire files to the web server
Step 7: Run the /wp-admin/install.php file from the browser
Step 8: Complete the 2 step registration when prompted

… and you’re good to go!

Instead of elaborating all these steps in one post, which will be too lengthy, I will be spreading them over the next few posts.