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HTML Codes


Everyone needs to learn a bit of basic HTML codes so as to maximize on the site’s capabilities, otherwise you will be at a great disadvantage. Stuff you can do with knowing some basic HTML codes:

1.  Insert graphics and advertisements. Direct readers to your affiliates or social bookmarking sites.
2.  Insert hyperlinks to selected texts in posts. Direct readers to your affiliates.

If you totally have no knowledge of html, don’t fret. Here’s a few sites you can pick up the skill for free:


Here are a few simple codes that I use pretty often. To test out the codes, simply copy the codes to a text editor, eg. notepad, and save it as a .html file:

Remarks Codes Results
Create hyperlink
(same window)
<a href=”” mce_href=””>StyloMilo</a> StyloMilo
Create hyperlink
(new window)
<a target=”_blank” href=”” mce_href=”” >StyloMilo</a> StyloMilo
Inserts a comment <!–This comment will not be displayed–> No display
Inserts a paragraph <p>This is a regular paragraph</p><p>This is the 2nd para</p> This is a regular paragraphThis is the 2nd para
Breaks the text into another line <p>
To break<br>lines<br>in a<br>paragraph,<br>use the br tag.
To break
in a
use the br tag.
<table> & </table>
creates a table.
<tr> & </tr>
creates a row.
<td> & </td>
creates a column.
<td colspan
=”2″> & </td> merges 2
cols in the row.
<td colspan=”2″> Row 1 Col 1 & Col 2 Cells Merged</td>
<td> Row 2 Col 1</td>
<td> Row 2 Col 2</td>
Creates a table with 2 Rows, 2 Columns and merged Col 1 & Col 2 of Row 1.
To redirect users to another page <head>
<meta HTTP-EQUIV=”REFRESH” content=”0; url=”>
where 0 refers to the number of sec before redirection starts.
To fill the background with image or colour <body bgcolor=”990000″ background=”folder/image.gif”></body> Background filled with repeated image & colour.
To redirect a website to another. Set time delay in sec before redirection at “content=0”. <head>
<meta HTTP-EQUIV=”REFRESH” content=”0; url=”>
<p> Redirect in 0 sec </p>
Website will be redirected to in 0 sec