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Archive for the ‘Product’ Category


Acquiring Products & Building Subscribers List

MiloAutoresponder, List Building, Product, Traffic

Since the setting up of my autoresponder, I had been pretty busy looking at ways to acquire products and building a list. These 2 activities usually go together cause without a product to offer as an “ethical bribe” it would not be possible to build the list. With a reasonable size list, a marketing campaign can then be set up to sell the products.

I have so far garnered about 1000 odd products and more than 100 subscribers to my list. That took up most of my internet time over the last one month.

A few other things I did recently:

1.  Put up a subscriber opt-in form at the top left corner of my site.
2.  Set up the ultimate Multi-Media Autoresponder sales pages. You can access it by clicking on the image from the right side bar.
3.  Added some more useful codes to my “HTML Codes” page, codes which I use pretty often in setting up web pages.
4.  Went into a few Joint Ventures (JV) with some internet marketers to build a list.
5.  Of course celebrating the Chinese New Year, meeting up & building bonds with old friends and relatives.

Guess what, the MM Autoresponder is starting to rake in an income even before I launch any serious marketing campaign. Couldn’t imagine the result once I start promoting it. The MM Autoresponder is a professional and ultimate cost saving autoresponder and I know it will sell. As the saying goes … The Money is In The List, and to build a list, an autoresponder is indispensable.

My next major tasks are:

1.  To identify more opportunities to increase my subscriber base.
2.  To capitalize on the natural traffic of eBay and hopefully become a Power Seller. In fact I have already starting to create the sales pages.
3.  To set up a marketing campaign for the products I had acquired.

That will be quite a handful over the next one to two month.


Product Rights De-mystified


If you have subscribed to my newsletter, you will probably be exposed to hundreds of free products that come with certain rights at your disposal and you can turn them into profits if desired. Here is a run down on the different types of rights to products:

Normal ReSell Rights (RR)
When you acquire a product with normal Resell Rights, you will be allowed to distribute it or sell it to your customers at 100% profit. However, there are restrictions such as you can only sell the product for a specific price and you will also not be allowed to change the contents. This allows the author to propagate his purpose and is thus a win-win situation.

Master ReSell Rights (MRR)
When you acquire master resell rights, not only can you sell it to your customers at 100% profit, your customers also have the rights to sell it. You can also sell master resell rights to your customers for an additional price, so they too can sell resell rights and master resell rights.

Private Label Rights (PLR)
With private label resell rights, you may not only resell the product but you may also edit the content or product and claim it as your own work (meaning, you become its author). Basically you can call it your own and do whatever you want with the products, wholely or partially.

With rebranding resell rights, you may replace the author links with yours. That is in addition to your normal resell rights.

No Rights
You can only have it for your personal use and not distribute it in any way.

There you have it … Know Your Rights, Know Your Potential!