BPC Diploma

This page is dedicated to students of Buddhist & Pali College Diploma Class.

This Yahoo Group is for the cohort class & don’t take in members anymore

Recommended Readings:

Early Buddhism – Basic Doctrines

  1. What the Buddha Taught (online) – Ven. Walpola Rahula*
  2. Buddha and His Teachings – Narada Maha Thera* (online)
  3. Life of the Buddha – E.J. Thomas
  4. Essentials of Buddhism – Ven. P. Gnanarama*
  5. Buddhist Philosophy Historical Analysis – Prof. Kalupahana (New recommendation)
  6. Buddhist Philosophy – Prof. Kalupahana (New recommendation)
  7. The Buddha’s Teaching & The Ambiguity of Existence – Wuttimuni R.G.D.E.S. (New recommendation)

Buddhist Social Dimensions

  1. Buddhist Ethics – K.N. Jayatillaka, Wheel Publications*
  2. Buddhism and Society – O.H. de A Wijesekara
  3. Buddhist Policy – Oliver Abeyanayaka
  4. An Approach to Buddhist Social Philosophy – Ven. P. Gnanarama*
  5. Small is Beautiful – E.F. Scumacher
  6. Small is Still Beautiful – Joseph Pearce
  7. The Chater for An Ideal Society, Sigalovada Sutta – Ven. P. Gnanarama* (New recommendation)

Geographical Expansion of Theravada Buddhism

  1. History of Theravada Buddhism in South East Asia – K.L. Hazra*
  2. Thai Buddhism – Kenneth E. Wells
  3. A Short History of Buddhism in Myanmar (online) – Roger Biscoff, Wheel Publication*
  4. Buddhism in Thailand – Karuna Kusalasaya, Wheel Publication*
  5. Buddhism in Sri Lanka (online) – H.R. Perera, Wheel Publication*
  6. History of Buddhism in Ceylon – Ven. Walpola Rahula
  7. Buddhist India – Rhys Davids
  8. The Biography of the Buddha – K.D.P. Wickremesinghe (1972) (New recommendation)
    (Buy at Amazon.com, AbeBooks.com, Alibris.com & Powells.com

Early History of Buddhism up to 3rd Century B.C.

  1. History of Buddhism in Ceylon – Ven. Walpola Rahula
  2. Buddhist India – Rhys Davids
  3. Early History of the Spread of Buddhism and the Buddhist Schools – N. Dutt
  4. History of Buddhist Thought  E.J. Thomas
  5. Indian Buddhism – A.K. Warder


  1. Treasury of Truth – Illustrated Dhammapada (Full Version) – Citta Vagga and Puppha Vagga*
  2. Pali Buddhist Texts explained to the Beginner – Rune E.A. Johansson*
  3. Palipathavali – 1st Ten Stories*
  4. Elementary Pali Grammar
  5. The New Pali Course Part 1 – Ven. A.P. Buddhadatta*
  6. Concise Pali – English Dictionary – Ven. A.P. Buddhadatta*

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