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Durian Fellowship – 14th July 2012

The completion of the 5 year YMBA programme calls for a little celebration and bonding with a few other virtuous friends.

Durian still good for these people …

 Low Thia Kiang’s favourite haunt …

The good company …

 2011-2012 Diploma Class

2012-2013 Diploma & Snr 2 Members

2012 YMBA Diploma Class Durian Fiesta, 21st July 2012

It was just last year we had an enjoyable trip to Tangkak to sample some of the finest durians in Malaysia, Mao Shan, Jin Feng, etc. Not to mention the great seafood and shopping.

The Durian Season is here again…

In conjunction with the Graduation of the 2012 YMBA Diploma Class this year, by popular demand, we will do it one more time.

It is also a time for great fellowship and getting to know each other more. Guess what, during the last trip I know more of everyone in one day than the last few years combined… haha.

Block out this date on your calendar … 21st July 2012, Saturday. The cost is expected to be around $80.

To the 2012 YMBA Graduation Class members, pls indicate your response in the survey below …


Move above scroll bar slightly to the right and click on “Start Survey” to begin the survey.

Vote for 2011/2012 YMBA Diploma Monitor

Note: This voting is only open to 2011/2012 YMBA Diploma class students.

Before you cast your votes, ask yourselves this question:

For the Greater Good, not just Your Own Good, who would you select?
1. The tried and tested.
2. The potential and untested (not given leadership opportunities).

One man, one vote. Your vote is Secret.

Voting closed on 8th Jul 2011.

Vote mindfully & wisely.

Visuddhi Magga, Basic Meditation & Abhidhamma (Dr. Mehm Tin Mon)

Organised by the Pa-Auk Meditation Centre:

Talk by  speaker Dr. Mehm Tin Mon, M.Sc, Ph.D(USA)
Professor, International Theravada Buddhist University

Venue: Room 9, 1st Flr,
            Veneral Hong Choon Memorial Hall,
            Kong Meng San Phor Kark See, 88 Bright Hill Road.

Time: 7.00pm to 9.30pm (weekdays)
          5.00pm to 9.30pm (weekends)

Program 1: Visuddhi Magga Part 1 & Basic Meditation by Dr. Mehm Tin Mon
                  Date: 10 – 18 October 2008

Program 2: Abhidhamma Part 1 Dr. Mehm Tin Mon
                  Date: 19 – 27 October 2008

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