2012 YMBA Diploma Class Durian Fiesta, 21st July 2012

It was just last year we had an enjoyable trip to Tangkak to sample some of the finest durians in Malaysia, Mao Shan, Jin Feng, etc. Not to mention the great seafood and shopping.

The Durian Season is here again…

In conjunction with the Graduation of the 2012 YMBA Diploma Class this year, by popular demand, we will do it one more time.

It is also a time for great fellowship and getting to know each other more. Guess what, during the last trip I know more of everyone in one day than the last few years combined… haha.

Block out this date on your calendar … 21st July 2012, Saturday. The cost is expected to be around $80.

To the 2012 YMBA Graduation Class members, pls indicate your response in the survey below …


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  1. Raymond Lee, 30. May 2012, 8:12

    Trip always to create bonding within the class and other colleague. Learning and understand others people better and good interaction. Also to enjoy and spend quality time with friends and class members.

  2. Christine Chiam, 30. May 2012, 16:38

    Let’s Do It since it’s our final year. Count me in.

  3. Teo Siew Lee Christine, 31. May 2012, 11:02

    I had missed the last year trip, so this round MUST GO!

  4. Teo Siew Lee Christine, 1. June 2012, 9:28

    Missed the fun last year! MUST GO this round! Count me in!

  5. Ho Poh Leng, 1. June 2012, 17:10

    Yes! Let’s do it!!

  6. Raymond Lee, 4. June 2012, 10:25

    To some of you in class this is the last time you study for YMBA. After that you may have higher or simple aspirations. Durian is tonic to some of us. Studying Dhamma may have drain all of you…hahaha. I am sure all of you will get distinction by just answering 5 questions for each paper with 3 pages answer per question.
    Count my wife and I to join you for the important durian trip.


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